Plastic Recycling Is A Failed Concept, Report Reveals

A new report on plastic recycling in the US has raised concerns regarding consequences for the country. With Climate change causing dangerous changes to the atmosphere, the new report reveals that plastic recycling is declining. 

Only 5% of Plastic Recycled

The report by title “Circular Claims Fall Flat Again,” shows that 51 million tons of plastic waste were generated by American households, out of which only 2.4 million tons of plastic was recycled. It’s only 5% plastic compared to the huge number. Although the industries have been promoting recyclable products since 1990, the actual figures show a different story.

Why Recycling Is A Failed Concept?

The report considers recycling “A failed concept” for some reasons. It is difficult to collect plastic waste as it is being used extensively by the population. The recycling process is really expensive and is extremely dangerous for the environment and for the workers working in the field to recycle plastic. 

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