Mars Holds The Secret If Humans Are Alone In Universe

This question is the most mysterious billion-dollar question. Humans have so far looked into the length and breadth of the universe and still couldn’t come up with a sufficient answer to the question. The question still remains a mystery, but one shouldn’t shy away from probing more.

The Terrain

The average temperature on Mars ranges from -220 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and there’s not a single drop of water on the surface, which is a big ‘NO’. According to Dr. Mackenzie Day, there used to be rivers on the surface of Mars which is evident from the fact that Mars has creatures that looked more like valleys primarily formed due to rivers like on earth.  ‘‘Mars is an intriguing astrobiology target because it used to have so many lakes,’’ he said. This can be an exciting project to investigate with advanced technology. 

Mars Was Warmer and Wetter

Evidence collected from decades of study, it is concluded that Mars was once a warmer place billions of years ago. If humans somehow come up with a sample from its surface, that would tell a lot about potential life there.

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