Study Shows Melting Glaciers May Cause Pandemics In Future

An interesting development has revealed that the recent and the future like Covid-like pandemics may have a secret hidden in climate change. Viruses in the frozen areas of the Arctic may spill over and get in contact with the population causing worldwide dangerous pandemics.

The Latest Study

The recent study was recently published in the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences journal by Canadian scientists. The leading researcher Graham Colby from the University of Toronto mentioned that the purpose of the study was to investigate the possible dangers of future pandemics linking them to climate change. The team of researchers took a sample from the water reservoir that has become a riverbed for melting glaciers. 

Climate Change And Pandemics

They concluded that global warming will enable the interaction between hosts and other viruses causing pandemics in the future. “That’s going to bring together hosts and viruses that would not normally encounter each other,” one of the authors of the study, Lemieux said.

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