US: 42 States Witness Millions Of Birds Dead Due To Bird Flu

Avian flu has killed more chickens and turkeys this year as compared to the 2015 outbreak. The recent virus has different features and has adapted to the environment raising concerns of the concerned authorities. 

42 States Infected

Authorities have said that 42 states have detected the Avian flu which is 2 times more than the previous outbreak in 2015. The infections were slowed down due to the heat this summer but that has not eradicated the flu entirely. “This virus could be present in wild birds for the foreseeable future,” chief veterinary officer, Rosemary Sifford said.

Increasing Inflation

The skinless turkey breast increased to $6.70 per pound in September, up 112% from the previous year and 14% above the previous inflation of birds from 2015, the American Farm Bureau mentioned. This has also caused a reduction in the production of the commodities with Turkey’s meat production reducing by 6%.

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