New Study Shows Men Age Faster Than Women

The twentieth century saw the greatest gap between men and women with respect to life expectancy and aging. 5 decades ago, women used to live 10 years more compared to men. A latest study published in The Journals of Gerontology by the University of jyväskylä and the University of Helsinki, Finland.

The Study

The study focused on the aging gap between men and women and the reasons behind the gap. The study revealed that men are biologically older than women even if they are of the same age. There can be multiple reasons behind this relationship between the sexes. The participants of the research were both 21 to 42 years old and older 50 to 76 years adults. Factors such as education, smoking, body mass index, alcohol consumption, and physical activity were measured by providing the participants with questionnaires.

The Results

Lifestyle patterns of both men and women significantly alter the aging process of both genders. Men aging pace have declined due to men becoming more conscious about their health such as quitting smoking and other drugs. 

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