Tensions On Rise As North Korea Launched 2 More Missiles

North Korea has constantly been threatening South Korea and Japan with its missile launches. This is the seventh missile launch in just 2 weeks setting alarms in the neighbouring countries. The US, Japan and South Korea have responded with joint military drills after North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan this week. 

Why Is North Korea Doing So?

Officials in the US, Japan and South Korea have shown concern regarding the recent launches as it directly threatens the security of the region. According to Japan’s foreign ministry, they’ve set up a call with its allies, the US and South Korea and talked about North Korea’s aggressive behaviour and its effects on regional security. The allies are concerned about the threats North Korea poses to their countries. 

North Korea Denies Aggression

North Korea has repeatedly claimed that the missiles are for defensive purposes to defend against US aggression. North Korean state-owned media agency, KCNA said the missiles are by no means a threat to other countries, but it is ‘‘to protect our country’s security and regional peace from direct U.S. military threats”.

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