Ex-Police Officer Killed 34 Including 22 Children In Thailand

In a day-care center in eastern Thailand, an ex-police officer shot dead 34 people including 22 children. The latest reports mention that the suspect was an ex-police officer. The incident sent shockwaves around Thailand as 22 innocent children lost their lives in the mass shooting.

People gather outside the Day-care center

‘A Suicide Operation’

The attacker, Panya Khamrab is believed to have killed his wife, and his son and later on shot himself after the mass shooting. A police spokesperson revealed to the media that the suspect had come to the day-care center to pick up his child but couldn’t find his child and after that he opened fire killing dozens of children and other staff members. “He started shooting, slashing, killing children at the Utai Sawan day-care center,” Paisal Luesomboon, police spokesperson said.

The Suspect, Panya Khamrab

Drug Allegations

The suspect was suspended from his duty over drug allegations. For more than a year, he had been facing trial on drug charges. He had faced the trial hours before executing 34 individuals at the day-care center, the same day.

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