Huge Ocean Beneath The Earth’s Surface Discovered By Scientists

Scientists have been able to discover an ocean inside the earth’s surface. The ocean is believed to be 3 times bigger than the entire World’s oceans. The German’s famous Institute for Geosciences at Goethe University in Frankfurt investigated a diamond “formed 660 meters below the Earth’s surface. 

Diamond And Water

After analyzing the content of the diamond found 660 meters beneath the earth, the scientists concluded the existence of a huge quantity of water. A huge layer of water is suspended between the upper and lower layers of the Earth deep inside Earth’s crust.

The Origin Of Life

This enormous reservoir beneath the earth’s crust reveals the origin of water on planet earth. Some experts used to argue that comets brought water to the earth by striking the surface a long time ago. The latest discovery proposes another idea that oceans, with the passage of time, emerged from inside the earth.

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