New Study Shows Covid Vaccines Does No Harm To Fertility

Earlier it was claimed that Covid-19 vaccines could damage both male and female fertility. The logic behind the claim was that Covid-19 vaccines cause early pregnancy loss, failed implantation, and other abnormalities in females. While in males, it was claimed that the vaccine could negatively affect the production of sperm. Recent study by a leading medical journal that publishes research across all disciplines relevant to the field of vaccinology, Vaccine, claims otherwise.

About The Study

The study concluded that there is no scientific proof for any association between covid-19 vaccines and the fertility of both males and females. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals showed no sign of fertility loss after the study was conducted proving that the claim that vaccination causes infertility is scientific. 

Misinformation And Conspiracy Theories 

In the highlights of the study, it mentioned that any such information on ‘‘social media and online’’ should be properly addressed before it can affect the medical discourse. The study said that Vaccines are the only effective measure to prevent the Covid-19 virus. 

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