“Maven” Is Out To Disrupt The Education Industry

Ever purchased a book or an online course to never actually finish it? It happens to the best of us.

Research shows that most of the “on-demand” courses have a completion rate of just 4-10%, which means that people are buying them in an “impulse” but not actually finishing them at all. Simply put, they are wasting their money.

Maven“, is out to change all that by offering over 100+ “Live Courses” taught by industry experts. Maven offers small “cohorts”, where you have to attend “live meetings”, to learn the concepts, and you also get to interact with other peers and instructors.

This method of learning is more effective because the entire learning process becomes interactive rather than just a monotone one-way conversation.

The startup is founded by Gagan Biyani, who was a co-founder at Udemy, which is currently, one of the most popular online courses company.

There’s been almost no innovation since then. Video-based courses that you watch on your own time have a 4-10% completion rate. Insane. What do you do when you’re stuck? How do you ask questions? How can you learn just by watching things instead of making things?

Gagan Biyani

While the prices of these cohorts are not “cheap”, but they are considerably lower than college tuition and you get to learn from someone who has already “made it”.

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