Greece Seeks International Support After Turkey Threats To Attack

Turkey and Greece, two NATO members have been at odds on multiple issues for decades. The two countries have been historical enemies for decades after Turkish forces kicked Greece forces out of Turkey in 1922. 

Threatening Remarks

Greece has called upon NATO, EU, and the UN to condemn the threatening remarks of the Turkish President who is openly threatening Greece with an invasion. “Look at history, if you go further, the price will be heavy,” Erdogan said while addressing the audience at an aerial technology festival in Samsun.

Greece And Turkey Send Letters

Nikos Dendias, the Greek Foreign Minister sent letters to the three international bodies to condemn the provocative remarks and behavior of Turkey, otherwise, things could get out of hand as the situation may lead to a war, “This is something none of us would really wish to see,’’ he wrote.

Turkey also sent letters this week explaining its position on multiple issues including airspace provocations by the Greek jets, the military occupation of the Aegean islands by Greece, etc.

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