Bigot Asks To Use Gay Man’s Cellphone, Then Slaps Him After Seeing Photo With Boyfriend: NYPD

Bigot Asks To Use Gay Man’s Cellphone

Seeing a picture of the victim with his boyfriend as the background of the victim’s phone, a cruel homophobe slapped a kind-hearted straphanger in a Manhattan subway station, police said Friday.

The ugly incident happened at 2 a.m. on Nov. 15 on the D train platform at the subway station at 57th St.-7th Ave. station.

A 22-year-old person asked the suspect if he could use his phone, police reported. When the suspect saw the photo on the screen of the phone, he allegedly became enraged. In addition to using a homophobic slur against the victim, he slapped him, leaving him with a fat lip, the NYPD reported.

After smashing the phone to the ground, the suspect left the station.

In connection with an alleged hate crime assault, images of the suspect have been released by the NYPD.

A medical examination of the victim was not necessary.

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