House Democrats Announce Plan To Fund The Government, Prevent A Shutdown

House Democrats plan on bringing a short-term government funding bill to the floor today for debate before Friday night’s deadline.

Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn, of the House Appropriations Committee announced Thursday morning that House Democrats have reached an agreement on a continuing resolution that keeps the government operating until Feb. 18.

Although she said it will include $7 billion for Afghan evacuees, DeLauro said the bill “virtually no changes to existing funding or policy.”. Adding that this agreement will give lawmakers a chance to craft a long-term agreement, DeLauro predicted that the agreement will take effect in the following year.

A vote on the measure is not expected until Thursday when the House is expected to consider it.

There is no guarantee that a government shutdown won’t occur. There is a sense among Republican members of Congress that the passage of a spending bill will be delayed as long as the bill does not contain language that funds the vaccine mandates of the Biden administration.

In a letter Wednesday, the conservative House Freedom Caucus urged Mitch McConnell of Kentucky to slow down the Senate’s process.

President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate has been blocked in court by the conservative caucus, which is threatening to shut down the government.

Mike Lee of Utah and Roger Marshall of Kansas, both Republicans, have also threatened to delay the implementation of vaccine mandates if money isn’t provided.

McConnell, who knows how to avoid government shutdowns like the back of his hand is now on a mission. ​He wants no part in one at all costs, said on Tuesday.

“I don’t think we’ll shut down, and no one needs to be concerned about a government shutdown,” he told reporters.

It is just days away from being shut down if it doesn’t pass a funding measure by Friday.

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