On 2nd Try, Swedes Elect 1st Female Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson

Magdalena Andersson

Magdalena Andersson, Sweden’s first female prime minister for a few hours before resigning because it became clear that her budget defeat would make another coalition partner quit? There was no way she would allow that to happen again. Magda was elected on Monday as head of government in the Nordic nation!

Prime Minister Andersson was chosen by the 349-member Riksdag by a vote of 101 -173 with 75 abstentions. The one-party minority government will be formed by the government of Prime Minister Andersson. It is expected that her cabinet will be announced on Tuesday. Her appointment will follow an audience with Swedish monarch King Carl XVI Gustav.

Prime Minister of Sweden, Andersson, served as head for seven hours before stepping down last week following the Green Party’s departure from her government. Her resignation came after the rejection of its budget proposal in favour of one presented by opposition parties including right-wing populist Sweden Democrats rooted deep within neo Nazi movements; which caused them all to fall apart.

Sweden has a system of democracy where the Prime Minister is chosen and governed by parliament. On other words, as long as they have enough support from MPs, Sweden’s leaders can do whatever is best for their country!

Center Party leader Annie Loof said in a speech to parliament that “a female prime minister means so much for many girls and women, they have been waiting for this glass roof’s shattering. I am proud my party has played its part here.” Her abstention from voting led the way on election night giving Andersson accession as Sweden’s first-ever woman president.

Sweden has appointed its first female Prime Minister. Andersson’s appointment as head of government marks a milestone for gender equality in Sweden, which has long been regarded among Europe’s most progressive countries when it comes to breaking barriers and encouraging new ideas on this subject matter—but had yet before now never had their own woman at the top level (national) political post!

The fragile right-wing alliance in Sweden is facing its biggest challenge yet. A recent survey shows that only 22% of people are willing to support a centre-right government with Moderate party head Ulf Kristersson at the helm, given his repeated refusal to cooperate with another major Swedish political party on account of them being too moderate or liberal when compared next to their rivals from populism like Sweden Democrats.”

The Swedish government is headed by Lofven, Andersson’s predecessor as prime minister.
The next general election in Sweden will be held on September 11.

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